2019 CUGH Conference    I    March 8 - 10, 2019   I   Satellite Sessions  March 7, 2019   |   Hilton  Chicago Hotel    I   Chicago, IL​​

Satellite Session | HALF DAY Workshop

What Works in Implementation Science? 
Case studies that are Accessible Beyond the Classroom


Thursday March 7, 2019
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Room: PDR 1 / 3rd Level

Hilton Chicago Hotel
Chicago, Ilinois

  • Registration for the satellite session is separate from registration for the CUGH conference.
  • Registration for this Satellite Session is Free

  • Convene Deans of Schools of Public Health and Directors of Implementation Assistance Provider
    Organizations to discuss problems with how implementation science learning is currently shared and solutions to
    improve it.
  • Share results of an effort to understand market needs of communicating implementation science
    evidence and the development of a user-friendly web-based case study development and library platform.
  • Discuss potential roles of the range of implementation science stakeholders in contributing to such a
    platform, and how to maximize the benefits to these institutions from engaging with such a platform.    

The United States Agency for International Development’s (USAID’s) Health Evaluation and Applied Research
Development (HEARD) Project is working to address the need for more innovative mechanisms that facilitate the
documentation and communication of implementation evidence, lessons learned, and best practices. An open-
source, user-friendly platform to simplify the creation of case studies could serve this need. Such a platform could
help address many of the gaps in institutional learning and the challenges to sharing evidence efficiently,
effectively, and in a timely manner.

During this session Academic and Implementing Organization partners will share progress towards the
development of a new web-based platform, which supports user-friendly case study development and features a
searchable library on case studies in global health implementation science. Participants will detail how the design
of this platform is the result of long term investigation of what is needed to make a great implementation science
case study, the information that is most valuable to different types of users, and how to present information to
ensure that it is useable by different stakeholders. This included a rapid market analysis, and a survey and in-depth
interviews to capture opinions related to the components of a useful implementation science case study.

Through the session facilitators will engage the audience in discussion of the perceived utility and value of such a platform for different implementation science stakeholders, including feedback on the needs of these two types of organizations with regard to evidence sharing through case studies, as well as plans for further development. The session will result in an enhanced understanding of how case studies and case study libraries can be more useful to a range of organizations operating in many different global health contexts.

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