2019 CUGH Conference    I    March 8 - 10, 2019   I   Satellite Sessions  March 7, 2019   |   Hilton  Chicago Hotel    I   Chicago, IL​​

Satellite Session | HALF DAY Workshop

Research Capacity Building in LMICs: Making a Difference


Thursday March 7, 2019
2:00pm - 6:30pm
Room: Buckingham / Lobby Level

Hilton Chicago Hotel
Chicago, IL

  • Registration is free but required.
  • Registration for the satellite session is separate from registration for the CUGH conference.

Research training and mentorship are key elements to successful global health program development and benefit individual educators and researchers as well. Perspectives on research capacity building will be provided by leading LMIC researchers, funders and educators addressing how to respond to the global challenges that will shape 21 st century health. A major emphasis will be the need of research and research funding to be a key “partner” in LMIC capacity building.

In two sessions we will explore the values of research capacity building and effective and ethically responsive mentorship and partnerships. Interacive break-out tables will then provide all participants with opportunities to address topics of their interest and expertise.

  • Describe key aspects of research capacity building in LMICs
  • Understand best practices in mentoring for capacity building in LMICs
  • Understand funding opportunities and how to successfully apply them for building capacity in LMICs

2:00pm to 2.15pm - Purpose of the day, structure, agenda
Dr. Liz Grant – University of Edinburgh - [email protected]
Dr. Richard Deckelbaum – Columbia University - [email protected]

1st Panel: Research Capacity Building in LMICs (All speakers/moderators will have 10 mins to speak)
2:15pm -3:25pm
Moderator and speaker - Dr. Richard Deckelbaum - Columbia University - [email protected]
Dr. Peter Kilmarx - Fogarty International Center, NIH - [email protected]
Dr. Clare Pain - University of Toronto – TAAAC - Ethiopia - [email protected]
Dr. Murugi Ndriangu - Columbia Global Center - Nairobi, Kenya - [email protected]
20 minutes Q&A from attendees

2nd Panel: Building Effective Mentorship (All speakers/moderators will have 10 mins to speak)
3:25pm - 4:25pm
Moderator/Speaker - Dr. Shadi Saleh - American University of Beirut - [email protected]
Dr. Craig Cohen - UCSF - [email protected]
Dr. Hester Klopper - Stellenbosch University - [email protected]
Dr. Tracy Rabin – Yale University – GHPAS Committee Co-Chair - [email protected]
Dr. Javier Escobar – Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School - GHPAS Committee Co-Chair -
[email protected]
20 min Q&A from attendees

4:25pm-4:40pm: Health Break

Part 3: Explanation of topic tables - Liz Grant
4:40pm-4:45pm - Explanation of topic tables - Dr. Liz Grant - [email protected]

4:45pm-5:15pm - Topic tables (there will be up to 5 topic tables)
Research capacity building 3 tables – Facilitators – Dr. Liz Grant and Dr. Richard Deckelbaum
1. Effective mentoring 2 tables – Facilitator - Dr. Bhakti Hansoti – Johns Hopkins University -
[email protected]
2. Teaching Empathy and Compassion through Mentoring - Dr. Liz Grant & Nursing Now-
[email protected]
3. Obtaining research funding in LMICs – Dr. Murugi Ndirangu – Columbia University
[email protected]
4. Opportunities for integrating climate into health research – Dr. Madeleine Thomson - International
Research Institute for Climate and Society - [email protected]

5:15pm-5:45pm - Presentation of findings from topic tables (Per table)

5:45 pm-6pm Summary of findings – Dr. Liz Grant and Dr.​ Richard Deckelbaum

6:00 to 6:10pm Next steps and Close - Dr. Liz Grant