Satellite Session

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Thursday March 7, 2019
8:30am – 5:00pm
8:00am Registration
5:00pm Cocktails
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
251 Huron St., 3rd Floor Conference Room A
Chicago, IL 60611

  • Paid registration is required.
    – $75 | Student, Trainee, Low Income Country Participant                                                                                                           
    – $150 | All Others (Faculty, NGO, Member of the Public) 
  • Registration for the satellite session is separate from registration for the CUGH conference.

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  • Operation Giving Back
  • Northwestern University
  • University of Utah
  • G4 Alliance
  • Worlk Health Organization


Surgical, obstetric and anesthesia care plays an integral role in primary health care and include multidisciplinary, multispecialty technologies to appropriately treat patients. The challenges to disseminate and implement surgical planning are many; however, the goal for entities involved is to bring access to safe and affordable surgical, obstetric, trauma, and anesthesia care to low resource settings in our world where 5 billion people have no access.  This full day CUGH-satellite session will bring together LMIC partners, novices, experts and panels to explore our failures, success and collaborations to innovate how we can actively fill the gaps through multidisciplinary, multispecialty collaboration in low resource areas.
Attendees will meet individuals actively engaged in collaborations in academic, government, nonprofit, industry and professional societies. The overlap and interplay of all of these areas are critical to building safe, sustainable surgical systems and patient care.


Session 1: The Guts of Surgical Ecosystem
Surgical ecosystems are complex, needing expertise in many medical specialties: anesthesia, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, emergency medicine, pathology and radiology to name a few. The integration of residents, nurses and checklists make the ecosystem even more complicated. As we integrate, what do we need from each other? How can we integrate our training programs to facilitate a multidisciplinary, multispecialty, bidirectional approach? In this panel, we will hear from multidisciplinary, multispecialty residents and fellows to explore the various components of a well-functioning system.
Panelists will help to address current gaps and opportunities for strengthening surgical ecosystems around the world through collaboration and innovative strategies for training.
Featured Presentation: Challenges of Implementation
Session 2: Failures and Success of Implementation of the NSOAPs
Data have been reported regarding the lack of access to surgical care globally; the LancetCommission has now moved from reporting to implementing the National Surgical, Obstetric, and Anaesthesia Plans (NSOAPs). Around the world, geographic, political, economic and cultural differences present unique challenges for scaling up surgical care and defining standards for care and outcomes. This panel will discuss the adversities and successes during the implementation of theNSOAPs. LMIC partners will discuss the issues from an in-country perspective.
Featured Presentation: Health as a Human Right
Session 3: Innovation in Global Surgery
The involvement of academia, NGOs and industry are all necessary in global surgery and yet the nature of that involvement is not clearly defined. In this two-part panel, we hear from each entity on their day to day objectives, needs, sustainability and impact, and how successful partnerships can be established. We will then have a unique brainstorming session.
Featured Presentation: Value of Surgery
Session 4: The Truth of Training

How prepared are students, residents and fellows for their global surgery experiences? What are the ethical and practical issues to be addressed? How should we move forward? In this panel, we hear from trainees, consultants and LMIC partners how to overcome barriers to enhance experiences for LMIC partners and our trainees.

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* Agenda details are subject to change.
Satellite Session | FULL DAY Workshop