The Emergency Department of the Parma Hospital

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At this time of emergency for Coronavirus, the entrance to the emergency room is organized with two separate entrances: one for coronavirus access and a second for all other emergencies. Please note that access by car or on foot to the emergency room is in via Abbeveratoria (hall 2) here the map

It provides assistance to all those who have an urgent health problem that cannot be solved by the family doctor, by the pediatrician of free choice or by the medical guard. Upon their arrival, users are greeted by a nurse who collects personal data and, on the basis of protocols validated at national level,

assesses the complexity of the clinical picture and, in relation to the seriousness of the case, assigns a priority access code to the patients. outpatient clinics marked by a certain color:Red: patient in emergency, with immediate managementOrange: moderately critical patient – urgency that cannot be deferred – with almost immediate management

Light blue: patient in need of rapid management, due to the clinical and assistance complexityGreen: non-critical patient, with low priority accessWhite: non-critical, non-urgent patient with clinical conditions for which out-of-hospitalpathways are foreseen.

The doctor guarantees adequate responses to the individual needs expressed by users and defines the most appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic process. When the doctor deems it indicated, hospitalization is proposed; in other cases, the patient can be sent home, to the attention of the attending physician, or to a specialist clinic.

There is also an orthopedic clinic in the Orthopedics pavilion (hall 02) on the ground floor, which takes care of patients who access the service presenting an injury to the limbs. An in-depth diagnostic study (x-ray examinations or with another type of diagnostic imaging) may be required to define the diagnosis or the procedure for arriving at the diagnosis.

Patients, if necessary, are detained for a short period for observation, to better assess their clinical status and their future diagnostic-therapeutic process. The time required to provide information may vary depending on the type of investigations required and the need to observe the patient’s clinical evolution.118 Operations center

The operators of the 118 Emilia Ovest Operations Center of the Parma University Hospital respond to 118, which manages all the medical emergency calls for the provinces of Parma, Piacenza and Reggio, activating the emergency vehicle with the most appropriate team for each specific case. appropriate for the presumed severity of the patient.

The system covers a total of 140 municipalities, over an area of ​​8,541 square kilometers, ensuring widespread coverage of the territory and timely assistance even in the most disadvantaged areas, thanks to the indispensable dense network of public assistance and the Red Cross volunteers.

In the various stations located throughout the three provinces there are 109 basic ambulances, with crews capable of performing basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation and early defibrillation (BLSD), 9 self-medical with doctor, 6 self-medical with doctor and nurse, an ambulance with a doctor and a nurse, an ambulance with a doctor, three cars with a nurse, ten ambulances with a nurse, in addition to the helicopter rescue. to know more